build consistency and confidence

practice your craft

become comfortable on camera

develop a business mindset and skills

join a supportive community

You are talented. You love to help. You work with passion, from your heart.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve chosen to study your field because you really want to help people. And you would love to make a living doing your thing.

However, you it seems you are taking ages to move on.

No wonder. Intuitive people like us are usually not as naturally talented at any left-brained activities.

Business, money, timing, consistency or analysis – they’re not impossible of course, but you have a much harder time to make these skills your own than other people.

I mean, just look at the graphic.

Additionally, we’re usually not very good at getting ourselves into the spotlight – while that’s exactly the thing we have to do so that clients can find us!

Especially in times like these.

It is time to stop doubting yourself. Stop laying low.

You don't have to do it alone

I’ve seen it time and time again. I have been there myself. And I see you, trying your best. I know it’s not easy.

In our niche, we tend to be naturally introverted. But to build a business and becoming confident, we need to get out of our shell and start becoming visible. To total strangers.

And that is scary.

You need to get your feet wet, with test “clients” outside of your course, who give feedback based on the result, not the technique. So that you know the “wow” is real.

At the same time, you need to build up a business. If you come out of a job or a recent career as full time mother, you may feel very alone in that, and it’s easy to procrastinate, or only inch forward.

You may have done a lot of business courses or marketing workshops. They have been great, but you haven’t booked enough progress.

That’s going to change now.

Because this is not a place to get more information. This is a place to apply the knowlege you have already.

Expand your comfort zone step by step and build your confidence. In your abilities, in yourself, in your business.

Take procrastination and doubt out of the equation. Get a feeling of accomplishment and motivation.

That's what our members did!

What can Bloom In Practice change for you?

Find members’ video testimonials below!

This is what you'll get


Everyone is familiar with what you are going through in your growth as practitioner and in business. If you have a bad day, show up anyway, do the work and feel better :).


Co-working hours are designed to hold you accountable (in a positive way) for what you wanted to achieve within that time. No procrastination!


Two to four times a week, you will be able to dedicate time to your business, your professional development. Because everything you want is at the end of consistency!


Showcase your skills, get feedback from others who are not on the same course as you (and not family either), and build  confidence in your abilities and client contact. And when you play the role of client, you get a free session :)! If you have a specific request we can match you up with someone who fits.


The biggest factor that can make or break your business and aspirations. Your mindset decides your progress, how you value yourself, your abilities, how to charge your worth and how you get clients.


Even if you’re one of the people who don’t switch their camera on during a zoom yet, we’ll slowly expand your comfort zone to a point where none of that seems scary anymore. Maybe one day you’ll even want to go live before a group?


Every now and again, we’ll have expert events. That can be external experts on creativity mindset, money mindset or PR who can help us put those things into perspective for our business personality.

What members say about Bloom In Practice

Everyone here volunteered to give a video testimonial, something that has to do with building confidence steadily.

They have achieved so much already in the short space of just four weeks, I can’t wait to see what’s next for everyone and I am so so proud of you all!

Join us now, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! – Astrid

This community is different - because you are too

After deciding to finally go your own path of learning an alternative craft, you may feel that your circle of friends and your family are not on the same wavelength anymore.

You don’t feel understood. Let alone supported. You feel alone.

So you stay within the close confines of your student group, or dig your way through huge networking groups (hello MLM!). Feeling no better.

This community is totally different!

You will be part of a group of people who are just like you. Who get you. Who love the same weird stuff you do.

A collective where everyone brings variety into the mix, from all kinds of backgrounds and modalities.

Who have chosen a non-conventional profession with the clear goal of helping people, and making the world a better place, client by client.

This is right for you if you...

  • are a professional in the alternative or spiritual niche

    ... or are enrolled in a course to be certified. This includes NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, tarot, psychics, mediumship, energy work, intuitive coaching, really anything that may be considered "woo woo" elsewhere.

  • can do client sessions online

    A good part of the community will be for regularly practicing your professional skills with others. You are still welcome to join, but just so you are aware.

  • feel alone and need more feedback

    The collective is created to be really supportive, for cheering each other on, sharing and giving advice.

And want to ...

  • get practice before paid clients

    And your family and friends are not convinced or just "helping out", so you have no idea how your results really are.

  • build up your confidence

    at your own speed, step by step or in huge leaps, always supported.

  • move forward with your business

    because you have been keeping yourself stuck for way too long and nothing seems to improve.

  • celebrate the small and big wins together

    It's hard enough starting over with a new skillset. Together with others moving forward will be easy and fun!


All dates will be made available in the Facebook Group and our forum about 2 weeks before the new month. All dates are usually between Wednesday and Sunday, and times of sessions are rotated as necessary to allow everyone to take part live.

Themed sessions will revolve around subjects like marketing, clarity, social media, tech, learning and planning.

The monthly Zoom link will only be accessible via the private Facebook Group for paying members.

What's in Bloom In Practice?

Themed Sessions

Themed Sessions are guided co-working spaces and 2 hours long. They revolve around moving forward in marketing, strategy, social media, reflection, learning… that will be broken down into smaller tasks to prevent overwhelm. You can always just listen in and do your own thing though if that’s what you prefer.

We start each time block with an intro to the tasks. You can always ask questions via the chat.

Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions are also for co-working. You bring your own tasks that you are not motivated about on your own, or that you have trouble with.

We work in different blocks, each starting with a short Q&A, so that you get the support and motivation you need that day, followed by concentrated work, and if you want, feedback.

Mix & Match Practice

These sessions are 2-2.5 hours long and will be held twice a month. We’ll team you up with someone from the group to practice with who as if it were a real client, but you can choose another match as well. There will be 2 or 3 rounds each time and we’ll move into Breakout Rooms.


Training sessions are 2 hours long, once every 4 weeks with different subjects.

For example: writing video scripts, on-camera training, speaking with confidence. You’ll learn all the little tips and tricks, practice lots and get the confidence to get you ready for working online. 

Expert Specials

We’ll schedule in some specials with experts in their niche, who tell us about things like PR, money mindset, productivity and how we can apply it to our own business.

Hot Seats

When the theme allows, we’ll have hot seats for coaching, where we can chat through any mindset-specific problems.

Facebook Group

A safe space to connect, vent, ask for help and guidance or look for 1 on 1 practice partners outside of the big practice sessions.

Co-Working Sessions and Specials video replays will also be here.

Coffee Chat

An informal place to come together and talk about anything. Get to know each other outside of the coworking and training spaces.

And more ...

This will be an evolving community focused on the needs of the members. If there’s anything you need, pop it into the Facebook Group!

You can achieve this, too!

Since joining Bloom in Practice It just been one month but wonderful Astrid has gently guided and advised us on all the background work that needs to be done to start our Blooming business. It is helping me so much as I haven’t got much knowledge on tech and marketing or working online, it is amazing to have this platform. It’s also a wonderful group of members that are really motivating and encouraging helping each other.  – Julia

Bloom in Practice helps me to restructure from years of working 1:1 in holistic massages and mostly in a silent space to a more eclectic style on and offline.

It’s fun to practice new features with this group of great therapists, healers and tarot readers . – Carola

They say that when you are ready for help, your teacher appears. Bloom in Practice – Astrid – is that teacher.

The universe knew that I needed a push to get going on my business. I had been going in circles prior to joining, not sure what order to do things in and always coming up with excuses why I couldn’t get started.

This group is so supportive, encouraging and full of talent. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I am on an organized path now, seeing tangible results. I’m very positive now that my business is going to Bloom soon. Thanks so much Astrid for creating this collaborative, safe space. – Lyn

If you are looking for support to start a business, get knowledge about online marketing and tech, connect with wise and experienced people, where humour and practice provide motivation and increase happiness, then Bloom in Practice is the right place where to be.

I have joined Astrid ‘s group a month ago and I am so happy I have the chance to connect, learn and progress to my own business.

Thank you so much Astrid for being here, with us and for making our goals easier to achieve. – Catalina

If I had not joined Bloom In Practice when I did, a month ago, I would still be totally at a loss where to start with getting my business ‘out there’.

Now I’m nearly finished building a website, know how to make a professional and engaging live video for social media, am informed about many technical issues and it’s all brought together in a structured format.

Astrid facilitates a unique way of getting a group of people to move forward, become confident and stop procrastinating. We discuss, have real time tasks, practice our modalities and have a lot of fun along the way.

I always really look forward to the sessions and even the homework. Thank you Astrid for coming on my way when you did. – Astrid

Hello? Who is this?

I am Astrid Harms. Hypnotherapist and Transformative Life Coach. I use hypnotherapy, past life regression, life between lives and soul work to create a highly individual session for each client and help them solve any issues that are holding them back from living a meaningful and happy life. My favourite is metaphysical hypnosis in all its facets – helping mediums and psychics and also “normal” people connect with their intuitive powers and soul – sometimes for the first time.

I’m also a single mum who’s been at the same place you are at, treading water.

I’ve collected a few other skills during my lifetime though:

13 years of being self-employed. Writing, marketing (the boring kind), selling physical goods, a BnB …

10 years working in TV, from camera to director to editor and producer – from idea development to production to broadcasting. And lectured about Entertainment Show Production for the official German diploma in TV production.

5 years in customer service

5 years of vocal training and singing on stage

4 different countries that I’ve lived in.

3 fluent languages

1 MA in Technical Communication with a focus on online learning communities, audience and single sourcing



You could say I never get bored. If there’s something I want to know, I find out.

If I see there’s someone who needs my help, I find ways to help. And sometimes that help means teach them that they can actually do that thing themselves.

There were a lot of people who asked me for help and advice in the hypno/coaching and business space.

And because those questions came more and more often, I created this community.

I can help you. Shall we get you moving?


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